Traditional, woven chain-link fencing is an extremely moderately priced option for the use of basic enclosure needs. Although it does not provide privacy per say, it is an excellent choice for dog kennels, property division, and/or simple yard borders. It can also be used in recreational areas such as football or baseball fields and parks. In any case, chain-link fencing is a highly popular option that has been used for many years for its cost-effectiveness and durability.

Chain-link fencing is made of galvanized steel that is well made and low-maintenance. Quality galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion.  California Fence properly installs chain-link fencing to ensure that it remains strong and supported for an extensive period of time. Chain-link fencing is not only cost-effective and strong, but it can also be customized to meet code requirements for pool enclosures or for security purposes.

This type of fencing looks simple to install, however it is important that trusted professionals handle this task—improper installation could cause a loss of money in the long-run if the fence is damaged or not serving its intended purpose. Repairs and maintenance can become costly if the foundation is not correctly set.

Chain-link fencing can also be customized to include unique gate options. It is offered in a variety of heights and gauges of steel depending on the level of quality and/or security desired. Although simplistic, chain-link fencing with an added gate can be a perfect option for front yard, back yard, and public entrances. Different gate styles are also provided that can be used for various purposes; anywhere from driveway entrances and side-yards, to batting cages or dog kennels.

The range of chain-link fencing is so diverse and confusing, that professional help is a must. Making the right choice for your own, specific environmental needs is important to get right the first time so that you are thrilled with your purchase for years to come. In fact, when using materials that are chosen specifically to meet the fencing needs of the environment surrounding it, a chain-link fence can have a life of 25 years.