Many homes throughout Granada Hills feature large swimming pools perfect for beating the summer heat. All year round however, it is important for homeowners to consider all of the potential safety precautions that they can take regarding their pool or spa area, especially when pets or smaller children are present. One such option that is affordable and safe for everyone is the installation of a pool fence for the surrounding area to keep children and pets out and away from the poolside should they be unattended at all. A popular choice for pool fence is chain link, because of its’ various abilities and customizations, they can easily be installed with doors or other access points and come relatively more affordable than other material fences can be. Chain link is also extremely durable, perfect for the constant sun and water exposure as the years go on.

One area where chain link is difficult is when it comes to the actual installation, the many uses and purposes of it can make it difficult for inexperienced workers to install, and as with just about anything, a poor job is practically worse than no job at all as a bad fence installation can lead to potentially injuries or incidents.

The fencing contractors at California Fence have over 30 years of experience with fence installation and are fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing our work will last for years to come. If your home’s fence is just in need of a little attention to detail and has been around for years, California Fence also offers fence repair services that not only restore your fence to like-new conditions, but gives your home an added boost to value that will pay off in the long run should you decide to sell.

An honest fence company founded on the idea of affordable fence installation with a variety of options and choices, being handled by the area’s leading fencing contracts, California Fence will help make sure that no matter the size or use of your new fence, the job will be done with the same care that we have used throughout our history.