As residents of Northridge know all too well, the importance of quality when it comes to any structure concerning your home cannot be overstated enough. After the unexpected earthquake in 1994 that caused millions of dollars in damages to Northridge as well as the surrounding areas, as a result numerous families were displaced by extensive structural damages to their homes. Homeowners began looking for and wanting the best-made and best quality materials to help be more assured that in the event of another unpredictable event, their home and valuables would be more secure and more stable. This attention to detail and desire for the best extends to even the fences that line the yards of these homes, as more durable and sturdy fencing has become the material of choice for homeowners that want the extra security that a well-constructed fence can provide.

A fence company that is founded on the idea that quality can still be affordable, California Fence is dedicated to providing homeowners in Northridge and throughout other nearby areas with quality fence installation. Although a fence is a great way to keep children or animals safer, any fencing contractor will be happy to tell you the long list of benefits that include increased value to your home should you look to list and sell it someday and an updated look that will attract more positive attention from street side passerby’s.

However, the staff at California Fence also realize that not every home needs a completely new fence installed and often times, an extensive fence repair from our experts is enough to help make an older, damaged fence look better than ever before. With so many materials to choose from these days, the white picket fence is no longer the only choice for a well maintained home. Our fencing contractors will work closely with you to determine the best type of fence for your home, taking into consideration things that other fence companies may not think about like weather conditions and the style of home. California Fence is the Northridge answer to well built and reliable fences that can stand up to even the most unexpected circumstances.