Encompassing just about everything there is to enjoy in Southern California, Malibu has soft, white sand beaches with perfect views of a crystal clear blue ocean along with beautiful homes. With so many beautiful homes lining the neighborhoods, residents and homeowners are always looking for ways to stand out and make sure that their home stays looking as good as new is by adding a new fence to the yard. A perfectly designed fence that accents the home without drawing too much attention to itself will go a long way to keeping the house as eye catching as ever.

While wood fencing is a popular choice, it is important to consider the nearby beaches and the effects that the salty ocean air may have to wear the paint down and rot the wood faster, instead, a proper fence company that is looking for your best interests may suggest vinyl fencing. Enjoying a recent boom of interest from homeowners, vinyl fencing looks great, is easy to install and will hold strong for years to come, requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep to stay looking as good as new.

This attention to detail and emphasis on truly finding what is best for your home is what makes California Fence stand out from the other fence companies in the Malibu area. Our fencing contractors not only offer years of experience working with all types of fence installations, but our personal touch will make sure that you get the best looking fence possible that makes the most sense for your home.

Not every home needs a brand new fence however; some homes may just need fence repair to restore an older fence that has experienced the effects of harsh weathers or for homeowners that simply want to update their homes with the latest materials.

With each fence installation or repair that we take on, over 30 years of experience guides us to ensure that you receive the highest quality of work along with the highest standard of customer service. Instead of going with just any fence company for your Malibu home, let California Fence help to give your home a perfectly crafted and designed fence.