Renovated homes have made Camarillo a surprising and fast growing destination for homeowners. With beaches nearby just minutes away and the outlet mall and other shopping centers that act like the icing on the cake, Camarillo has come a long way in just a short amount of time. Though there are multiple apartment complexes and condos throughout to maximize the available space, the homes in the area are well kept and eye catching for all of the right reasons. More and more homeowners are choosing to have fences installed in their yards, either for aesthetic purposes or to add value to the property while others choose a fence because they need to keep animals or children safe from wandering too far. No matter the reason, finding an experienced and trustworthy fence company is a great way to ensure you get the exact fence that you have been looking for without any interruptions or problems along the way.

For the area’s leading fencing contractors, California Fence offers experts in the field regardless of what you are looking for. With us fence installation is a breeze and whether you choose a beautiful wrought iron fence or would rather the low profile design of a wood fence, we will work with you to make sure that your fence of choice is constructed and designed with your home in mind specifically, so what you get is a timeless and sturdy fence that will stand up to the weather at just a fraction of the cost of those larger companies.

For the older Camarillo homes with fences that have seen better days, our contractors are also quite proficient in fence repair and can work swiftly to restore an older, worn down fence. Whether it is by installing newer materials or simply a complete repair and replacement, our work will make sure that your old fence looks better than ever before.

With shops and restaurants everywhere to choose from in Camarillo, more and more people are looking to move there and with beautifully renovated homes, nothing completes the look quite like a well constructed fence, giving your home added character and even more value.