Whether you are looking to keep people out or keep people in, fences for homes have come a long way from the short, white picket fences that represented the old ideal for home owners. Options like chain link or vinyl give homeowners of any budget an affordable yet quality fence that will last years and help to add value should the home be sold one day or if you want it to stand out from all the others in the neighborhood. For homeowners in Sherman Oaks, there are many different sizes and styles of homes, extravagant mansions and more conventional single-family homes fill the neighborhoods equally and with each varying style, it is clear that there is not just one simple copy and paste option for fence installation.

Taking that into consideration, the experts at California Fence will take the time to work with you to find the proper type of material and fence that fully accents your home specifically. Fencing contractors that believe in quality over quantity, we strive to ensure that you are satisfied with your new fence and that it will last a lifetime. We offer dozens of affordable fence types, including a lifetime warranty on all of our vinyl fencing, which is popular with families who have smaller children or easily excited pets for its’ durable, easy to clean surface that lasts years. More dramatic and attention getting choices like wrought iron are perfect for the larger homes that want to add an additional statement piece to their home without changing or altering the home itself.

We are the leaders in fence installation for Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas and our work with fence repair ensures that no matter if you need a new fence or you have an old one that has seen better days, California Fence has the experience necessary to solve any and all of your fencing needs. With so many choices in the area, choosing a fence company should come down to quality and affordability and for Sherman Oaks homeowners, no fence company combines affordability and high quality work like California Fence.