Although there are many homes throughout the neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks, there is plenty of space for each of them as most houses in the area feature at least a decent sized yard. One popular method of making sure your property is clearly defined from the neighbors or a way to give your house some personality to help it stand out from the rest, is fence installation. Gone are the days where the only option was the white picket fences however more recently materials like chain, wood and even vinyl have become popular with homeowners looking to give added character to their house.

Helping to give your Thousand Oaks home the fence you have been looking for, California Fence is the area’s leading fence company, handling everything from fence installation for your home to fence repair for current fences that may just need a little restoration and renovation to look as good as new.

We also know that not every home needs a full-sized fence and for families with pools, our fencing contractors also have years of experience with installing pool fences that work to help keep smaller children or pets safer around the pool and to also help prevent any incidents.

Given the variety of styles of home and typically year round ideal weather, selecting the type of material for your new fence comes down to what you think best suits your personal preference and the home itself. Wood fencing is of course a tried and true option for many homeowners while materials such as wrought iron will give your house an eye-catching and durable fence that will look great for many years and seasons.

Depending on your needs, our experts will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. An independently owned fence company, we believe in quality above quantity so if you are in need of fence installation or fence repair, call California Fence today to speak to one of our experts and to schedule a free design consultation or to receive a free estimate for your new fence.