With each home in Tarzana looking better than the last, with immaculate lawns, spacious lot sizes and large, wide open windows that illuminate the whole house, standing out from the rest comes down to paying closer attention to detail to the little things. Even the more modest, single-family homes are well-designed, modern homes that draw influences from all of the cultures that make up the town. One extra detail that will help your home stand out from the crowd and also add potentially thousands of dollars to your home’s value on the market should you look to sell your home one day as well.

The professional fencing contractors at California Fence know that no matter what style your home is, the right fence will have your home turning heads for all the right reasons while making sure that it stands up to the wear and tear for years to come. Depending on your home situation, our expert staff will walk you through each step of fence installation, including a detailed look at your options that another fence company may not take the time to do. For homes with children or animals that may be constantly trying to escape and explore, vinyl fencing is a great, durable option that is easy to keep clean while a standard wood fence will look great year round and adds considerable value to your home when done properly.

An often ignored unfortunate truth is that an unsightly or decrepit fence will make even the nicest home look that much older and worn down. That’s why our contractors are also experienced with fence repair, to ensure that whether you want a complete renovation with new materials being used to bolster your fence, or you want it to just look as good as it did when it was new, we will handle the job quickly and with an emphasis on customer service, putting your satisfaction first.

If you are interested in having a fence installed in your Tarzana home or are in need of fence repair, please call us at (805) 581-1113 to speak with one of our experts to schedule an appointment to determine the post possible choices for your new fence.