Living minutes away from the beach is something that just about every Southern California resident dreams of and in Ventura not only do you have access to the beach in minutes, but the elegant home design and bustling nightlife make Ventura a perfect spot that encompasses everything residents love about SoCal. One thing you may notice about these homes are the fences that surround some of the homes, giving them an added timeless look. If you think that your home may increase in value with a fence, or if you are looking to protect pets or young children, finding a trustworthy fence company to install a brand new fence for your home is an excellent way to take care of both of those concerns.

The fencing contractors at California Fence have years of experience when it comes to fence installation and will make sure that your new fence not only looks great but can also withstand years of wear and tear while looking as good as new.

If your home already has a fence however, and it has been subjected to years of wear from the elements and is feeling the effects of the salty ocean air, our experts will also perform fence repair to the same high standard that we have built our reputation on.

Specializing in a wide variety of fences, everything from vinyl fencing to chain link or wood, no matter what your preference or needs may be, we will get the job done properly and fast, with the same emphasis on customer service that we have followed for over 30 years.

For an area like Ventura which is subject to feeling the effects of the nearby ocean, vinyl fencing is a popular choice as it can withstand the effects a bit more and requires less maintenance and upkeep, which makes keeping your fence looking as good as new will be easier, helping your house maintain the clean, timeless look that you are going for. If you are in Ventura and need any fence repair or are looking for fencing contractors that you can trust, see what has made California Fence the area’s leading fence company for years.