Wood Fencing

While there are tons of types of fencing that are used throughout the country, wood fencing is still the most-used type of fencing in part because it is both classic and durable. Wood is considered an extremely versatile material to be used for fencing as it allows you to choose from multiple styles and adornments that compliment the design of your home and add more appeal and value. For homeowners throughout Simi Valley the contractors at California Fence have designed and installed custom wood fencing for over 30 years..

Why Choose Wood

There are many reasons why so many homeowners continue to prefer wood above all others including:

  • Utilizes a natural resource/easily accessible
  • Extremely durable, can last decades when maintained properly
  • Adaptable and can be custom crafted to any size/shape you need

The versatility of wood makes it the ideal material to use for a wide variety of fencing options such as:

  • Privacy gate
  • Back-yard enclosure
  • Front yard fencing border
  • Relatively cheaper to install and maintain than other materials

With so many options to choose from the contractors at California Fence help you find the perfect style and material of wood that meets your needs and will also help to add value to your residence.

Custom Fencing in Your Neighborhood

Conveniently located in Simi Valley, the expert contractors at California Fence have been helping residents in and around the Los Angeles & Ventura County areas including:

Whether you are looking to add value to your home, have a new wood fence installed or want to refurbish an older, worn-out wood fence then call California Fence today. Our professionals will make sure that your home gets the beautiful, durable wood fence you’re looking for without breaking the bank or spending months waiting for results.

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