California Fence offers excellent quality in pool enclosures. This is perhaps one of the most important types of fencing; it can be life preserving for children or animals when the pool is left unattended. Pool fencing is designed to allow for an entrance/exit portion of fencing, however offer a strong enclosure that cannot be accessed by smaller children, and may require a key, if desired. Pool fences can be made of wood, wrought iron, chain-link, or vinyl; however, the sturdiest option is the best option when it comes to the safety of your children.

We recommend wrought-iron fencing to provide the highest level of safety. Wrought-iron fencing is an excellent option for this type of enclosure, because not only is it highly secured and durable, but it also adds a decorative factor to a pool area that can make a simple outdoor space look enhanced.

In southern California, where the weather tends to be hot at times, swimming pools are an expected addition to homes, apartment complexes, or community areas where children may gather. It is crucial for safety and liability purposes that pool fences meet code requirements that best ensure the security around the perimeter of a pool area. In California, specific enclosure requirements include a height of at least 5 feet; any opening or hole cannot exceed 4-inches in diameter, with no more than 2 inches separating the fence from the ground, and it should not be easily-climbed by children.

There are even more specific requirements that California enforces for pool enclosures and gates leading into pool areas, which is why it is most important that the job is left to professionals who are familiar with such laws and regulations. California Fence takes the risks involved in the installation process very seriously—our community members are most important to us, and therefore so is our involvement in their safety. California has one of the highest populations with a pool; in Ventura County and other nearby beach areas especially, pools are commonplace. California Fence is proud to serve this area and create safe, and well-accented pool area enclosures.