In California, fencing is an important part of maintaining privacy, protection, and adding charm and value to a home or business residence. The mild weather and relatively dry climate in the Southern California area gives the unique opportunity to have many types of fencing to choose from that will work year-round and for many years to come.California Fence is committed to providing numerous options for clients in the Ventura County area who are invested in finding the type of product that fits their needs and wishes in a cost-effective manner and with a beautiful outcome.

One type of fencing that we provide is expertly crafted wooden fencing. Wood fencing is still the most-used type of fencing in the country because it is classic and durable. Beyond just popularity, there are many benefits to having wood fencing. Using wood for fencing utilizes a natural resource, it is authentically crafted, and can last a very long time. In fact, if installed and maintained properly, a wood fence can last for decades. Wood fencing is adaptable—it can be custom-crafted to any specific shape and size that will best fit your purpose.

Whether you’re crafting a privacy gate, a back-yard enclosure, or a simple fencing border to surround your front-yard, wood fencing is durable, eye-catching, and sustainable. The versatility of using wood materials to build fencing allows the client to choose from a variety of styles and adornment that add character and appeal. Wood fencing is made from a renewable resource, and is therefore more environmentally sound than other types of fencing; it is this unique quality that truly sets wood fencing apart from other forms.

Another advantage of using wood fencing is the relatively low cost in installation and maintenance. If damaged, or simply upgrading, a wooden fence is less time-consuming and less costly to fix than other fencing material. There are many different types of wood that can be used for fencing, giving the buyer a variety of options to choose from that can add to a specific style, as well as the charm and durability of the fencing itself.California Fence can help you choose the right style and material of wood that will meet your needs and add value to your residence.