Wrought-iron fencing can be wonderfully decorative, but also tough and enduring. It can also be simple and purposeful. Depending on the client’s needs, California Fence offers a wide variety of options and styles of wrought iron fencing that are sure to enhance your home. As with most fencing options, wrought-iron fencing is very customizable and can be a beautiful addition to pool enclosures, yard surroundings, or property borders. It can also be used for balconies and railings in some cases.

Garden areas can be complemented by a creatively designed wrought-iron inclusion so that the garden can be seen yet more secluded. It can also be a decorative accompaniment to wood fencing. Along with its polished charm, wrought-iron fencing is made of heavy-duty material that does a good job of keeping privacy boundaries; it is one of the best, most sturdy options in fencing. Wrought-iron fencing is well worth the cost; it holds up to the assurance that your property will remain safe and well protected.

When properly installed, wrought-iron fencing lives up to its promise in lower maintenance cost. With correct installation, and the right care and upkeep, it can remain rust-free and polished for long periods of time. California Fence uses professional tools and materials that ensure the quality of this fencing extensively in security as well as beauty. It is also environmentally preservative in that it does not require reinstatement regularly when maintained properly—this cuts down heavily on non-biodegradable waste. Furthermore, it is a valuable metal and can be recycled, or even sold, if taken down for any reason.

Wrought-iron fencing can add a historically whimsical charm to an area; it has been used worldwide for over hundreds of years. In fact, wrought-iron fencing even surrounds some of the most historically significant buildings in America, such as the White House. Its Victorian-inspired architecture is classic. A large portion of the popularity of wrought-iron fencing is due to its strength against heavier weather conditions and everyday wear. California Fence is proud to offer this type of fencing as a prominent option in the Ventura County area.